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Angels Eyes Reviews

I have been using Angels Eyes for about four weeks. My little Beamer’s eyes have stopped their constant  tearing and the stains on his little face have all but disappeared.

I was skeptical at first, but was willing to try anything!

When I mentioned Angels Eyes to my veterinarian, she had heard about it and thought it was a good idea to try it on my little Yorkie/Maltese.

Thank you for a really worthwhile product!

I don’t need a refill yet, but as soon as I start to run low, I will be placing another order.


Oh my goodness, this stuff really works!

I have two mixed poodle puppies, apricot in color. The smallest one in particular looked “sick” with his  red, tear stained face.


The pups both gobble this up (in their food every day) and I am so impressed with your product. I tell

everyone about it! Thank you again!



We have been using Angels Eyes now for almost 2 weeks, what a difference already, his eyes are brighter and clearer. His new hair growth coming in is white.

Thanks much,



I just want to let you know I am very pleased with the product.

I was skeptical at first – but have seen such positive results!

It has actually changed my Cockapoo’s face in such a positive way! Opened up her face & eye area.

Family that have seen her regularly has commented on how bright & clear her eyes are!

Because of these positive results we have made several referrals for your product.

And your service is excellent with your emails & fast shipping!

Keep up the good work!
Rayelle & “Kiwi”


I use Angel Eyes for my white / red brindle bulldog……it is fabulous!!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful price point! I will be ordering from you again when I need a refill.

Christi A.








I have to admit, I thought I may be wasting my money with Angels Eyes.

I was wrong.

It has only been 1 week & Troy’s eyes are getting better.

His eyes BEFORE Angels Eyes made him look sickly.

I have tried everything. I admit, I’m impressed!

Karen R.


WOW! I am still on the 1st bottle that I bought from you…


My Bichon Silky and Silky Terrier both LOVE it and their little faces are sooooo clean! Finally a product

the eliminates the stains and excess “eye boogers”!!!

Thanks so much for such a value on a priceless product! 4 paws up!!

Chanel and Neeko’s mommy in Delaware


I have only been used Angel Eyes for two weeks and I can’t believe the difference it’s made already on Trixie’s eyes.

She’s my gorgeous 8 lb. Malti/poo from a puppy mill rescue. She’s a year and a half and so pretty.

Her eye stains had driven me crazy and I have used everything you could think of and finally decided it was time to use Angel Eyes.

Loretta, the Pom Mom in New York


Hi Jana-

I have such wonderful news!!! Lovey had her hair cut and looks like a new puppy after using Angels Eyes!!

My friend was here and commented how great her eyes look and is going to recommend two friends to you.

God Bless you for your sincerity and integrity….I truly appreciate your professionalism…..

A new fan: Esta G.


Hi Jana,

Just to let you know, Sandy’s stains are getting farther and farther from under her eyes. Can’t believe it works this fast.

Do you think that if I sprinkled it on my food the dark circles under my eyes would disappear?!?

Mary Jo


Hi Jana,

We’re so thrilled with the results!

We’ve got a “tea cup” Maltese, a really little little guy!

Truly he’s a baby to us, so when he used to look at us with those “brown-stained” eyes, I felt so sad for


He is such a cute little guy, and now he is a 1000 times cuter!

Thanks again,


The product is awesome, the fur around my maltese’s eyes are completely white and so are the other areas of

his body, he looks like a snowball.


Hello Jana-

We have been using Angels Eyes on our 4 year old white Havanese for only one month and she looks


Her eyes shine through with no brown tears.

Thank you for your wonderful product, we are so delighted with the results.



I just wanted you to know I already have results – I was shocked!!

I took her to the groomer and got my sweet maltese hair cut so we could see the new hair – its amazing!!

The tips you included with the order were so helpful. I really think following the guidelines you

recommended helped out.

The amazing thing is that not just the tearing has changed but the color change on her ears, beard, and

another spot on her coat have changed back and its just beautiful shiny white!!

She loves her daily treat of yogurt mixed with angel eyes and I love the results!!

This awesome product, your awesome price on it, and your amazing customer service have won you a return


Thank you so much!


After a week on Angels Eyes, my shih tzu looks so much better. I’m totally amazed. I will certainly be

sending you a re-order.



Hey Jana,

I am so amazed with how angels eyes works!! I’m starting to see a big difference with his eyes. His eyes

are not watering like before, and he doesn’t get that ugly gunk anymore. I definitely will reorder.

Thanks a million



Hi Jana,

I can’t believe it but this stuff really works. Within four days Mikee’s eyes stopped running.

I had tried every kind of outside (topical) application and nothing helped.

Angel Eyes is great! I will definitely be reordering!




Just wanted to say thanks..this stuff is GREAT.

I have a tiny toy poodle that had really bad stains around his eyes…my groomer suggested Angel Eyes and

thank God she did….my little baby (and that is his name: Baby) is all stain free now.

Thank you….he is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Thanks! We are on our second bottle and will continue using it.



I can’t believe his eyes are clearing up after 3 days use. I love Angel Eyes and will buy more when I am

finished with this bottle.



Finally had time to write & let you know we are thrilled with the Angel Eyes product!

We will be in contact with you when we need to order more!

Regards Corinne



You have been a great help…I like the personal service that you have shown me and I appreciate it.



Hi Jana,

I just wanted to let you know I did receive my angel eyes and have been using it for about a week.

It had only been a few days and I noticed a significant change in my dogs eyes. They were no longer

watering constantly.

I went from wiping her eyes 3 times a day to just washing them every couple of days to remove normal tear

gunk build up.

I am convinced that since they are staying dry now the staining will disappear as her fur grows out.

I am very happy with the product and am sure my maltipoo is also since I’m no longer torturing her poor

little eyes with wipes and cleaners.

I also want to thank you for your customer service. It is very nice the way you follow up on your customers

and their satisfaction. It is a great way to run a business.

I will be reordering from you when I am ready. Thank You and good luck to you.



Hi Jana,

Angels Eyes has been a huge success with my “Angel”. She had such terrible staining and within a week of

using, I could see a HUGE improvement. I will definitely be reordering soon!

Thanks for a pretty face!




The Angels Eyes worked within 2 days of giving it to our peek-a-poo. No more eye discharge or orange stain.

His bad doggy breath has also gone away. I would highly recommend this product to my friends.




I am amazed at how quickly I have seen results with Angel Eyes. I actually saw a difference within the

first two weeks. Will be purchasing more in the very near future.

My neighbor just purchased some for her little white dog. I told her it’s so great, I could be a

spokesperson for it! Have a wonderful day.

Tambra M


I really was not expecting Angel Eyes to work for my snow white Malti-poo but I was willing to give it a

try. I have been using about 1/4 tsp for 3 weeks and the improvement is remarkable. Thank you.


Thanks so much Jana. The Angel’s eye is doing great wonder to my Tinkerbell. The stain is getting better

and better by the day.
Also, I will reorder from you once I’m done with this one.

Thanks again!

This stuff really works and I have only been using it a week. Amazing….thanks for a wonderful product

that does what it promises.

My Maltese has a pure white face again rather than a red stained one. I also give it to my Yorkie and it

works for him, so thank you.

Denise D.



The Angel Eyes is amazing!!! It really worked on our small 7 month old Maltese puppy.

My boyfriend bought Angel eyes from you a few months back and we are almost out so he told me to go to your

website and get some more. He told me how nice and personal you were with your customers. That is very nice

and it’s not too often you see that.

Thanks again!!!! Take care

Katy G



I have been using Angel Eyes on my Maltese for only 3 or 4 days and it seems like her tearing is better and

her breath is remarkably better. Have you ever heard of that happening? Honestly, you couldn’t stand to be

in a small area with her if she was panting because her breath was so obnoxious.

If you ever need a testimonial, I’m your girl!! Thanks so much. I guess we’re hooked on Angel Eyes!

Tami C


Hi Jana

Angel eyes is working good for my dog Kobi. He looks good and I will be ordering more soon.




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