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Cleaning Maltese Tear Stains – The Best Natural Remedy for Tear Stains in Dogs and Cats

If you own a Maltese dog then you may have found that with the Maltese breed it is common to be cleaning Maltese tear stains to keep their faces white and clean.

Cleaning Maltese tear stains can be frustrating if you are using a method that does not work or if you are trying a method that may possibly harm your precious dog.

When I got my first Maltese I was constantly looking for ways to clean up or prevent the Maltese eye stain. I found that tear staining is a condition which is common in this particular breed.

I had heard that there were many different eye stain treatments available to help prevent tear staining, however there were many treatments that were harmful to my dog and I wanted to be sure I was using an effective and safe method on my precious pet.

In this article I will share 5 treatments that are commonly discussed as solutions to cleaning Maltese tear stains.

The first 4 treatments are NOT ones that I recommend.

The 5th and last treatment I discuss is the one that I have found to be the most safe and effective treatment and it is the one I use on my own Maltese.

Treatment 1 – Tetracycline is a ten day course of treatment that your veterinarian will prescribe and may well need to be repeated a second time to be effective. The only problem with this is that if used on puppies it can cause their teeth to be stained yellow permanently before they have even grown.

Treatment 2 – Delta AlbaPlex is an antibiotic similar to tetracycline but contains very low amounts of steroid in it as well. This will only be prescribed by a veterinarian eye specialist. The steroid within the product helps to reduce and remove inflammation which may be result in the excessive tearing which is causing the staining. Again this treatment will need to be used for some time before the benefits show.

Treatment 3 – Ak-Trol is in fact an eye drop medication which is prescribed for people to use and contains neomycin, polymyxin B and dexamethasone. Along with it being used in drop from your vet may well prescribe it in ointment form instead. This is best used before the dog has actually cut their adult teeth.

Treatment 4 – Flagyl is an anti diarrhea medication that the vet will prescribe for treating yeast or giradia infections in a dog. However the metronidazole that it contains has also found to be effective in helping to treat tear stains, especially if the problem has because there has been an excessive growth of red yeast in the animal. This particular medication takes around a two week period for the desired results to be achieved.

My recommendation is Angels Eyes

Treatment 5 – Angel Eyes comes in powder form which you can then sprinkle on to your dog’s food or which you mix with water. This method needs to be incorporated into their diet on a daily basis but will help to cure the problem of Maltese eye stain very quickly and will continue to work over the long term. It can be used by puppies and pregnant dogs. Also because the product contains only natural ingredients it is unlikely to cause any unwanted side effects in your dog compared to some of the other treatments we have mentioned above.

What do I like about Angels Eyes? I saw results very quickly. I did not need to get a prescription from the veterinarian. It was very simple to use – I just sprinkle it on my pet’s food each day. I don’t have to apply any solutions or ointments to my dog. This treatment works from the inside out so it stops the problem from where it is starting. The ingredients are all natural and my Maltese love the taste. Bottom Line? Angels Eyes really works!

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