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How To Lighten Dog Tear Stains | Maltese Eye Stain Gone Forever!

Are you frustrated with trying to find a cure for your pet’s tear stains or reddish brown eye stains?

Have you tried lots of home remedies that just don’t work?

If that is you, I can really understand how you feel.

In our family we have a few Maltese dogs that were so adorable EXCEPT for ugly eye stain that ran from the inside corners of their eyes down each side of their noses.

It drove us nuts and when we checked with our vet we found out that the Maltese Breed and many other popular breeds of dogs and cats tend to get eye stain like: maltipoos, poodles, shih tzu, bulldogs, spaniels, terriers, bichon frise, Papillion, pekingnese and also many cat breeds like Himalayans, Persians, and some exotic shorthairs.

Thankfully, our Maltese’s health was just fine, they just had yucky Maltese Eye stain.

We had heard about Angels Eyes and our vet gave the go ahead so we tried it. It was so simple to use – we just sprinkled a little on their food each day. For the picky eaters we added the powder to a bit of peanut butter and they munched it right down.

Within a couple weeks we saw tremendous improvement and as we trimmed away the stain hairs the new ones that grew in were very clean and white.

Now all of our Maltese look gorgeous and elegant.

For us, Angels Eyes is the ultimate tear stain solution and we were thrilled to find such an easy simple solution to a frustrating problem.

If you are looking for a simple to use pet tear stain remover that works – Angels Eyes just may be the answer you and your precious pet have been looking for.

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