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Get Rid of Tear Stains Fast and Easy With Our Favorite Tear Stain Remover

Tear Stain & Eye Stain | Get Rid of Tear Stains Fast and Easy With Our Favorite Tear Stain Cleanser for Dogs and Cats

With some dog and cat breeds eye stain problems are quite common and there are a number of things which may actually cause this.

A number of experts believe that the eye staining that some dog and cat breeds suffer from can be caused by their health or the environment or it may be a heredity disorder.

Below we will take a look at what some of the health and environment causes for eye stain and tear stain and what you can do about it.

I have several Maltese dogs and this is what we found out for them.

Teething –
This is the most likely cause for such staining to appear on a Maltese puppies face.  So once all their permanent teeth have come through and replaced the baby ones then this problem should start to be become less.  Generally you will start to notice a change when the puppy reaches the age of 8 months.

Hair –
This is probably the most common cause for this breed of dog to suffer from Maltese eye stain.  So the best way to avoid this problem is by checking on a daily basis that no stray hair is able to make contact with the dog’s eyes.  Especially check the area underneath their eyelids.

Grooming & Clipping –
Clipping the hair around the eyes can exacerbate the problem of eye staining to your dog.  This is because as the hair that has been shaved begins to grow back it does so in the direction of the eye. But since clipping and grooming must be done on your Maltese, what can you do?  One way to prevent Maltese eye stain caused by cutting the hair around the eye is to use gel to make sure that you prevent the hair from growing the direction of the eye and causing more irritation.

Irritation -

Pollution, pollen, dirt and dust can easily make your Maltese eye stain worsen.  Many people try antibiotic treatment (eye drops) to help kill any bacteria and wash away any irritants that have been able to gain access to the eye.  Normally this treatment is carried out prior to the dog going to bed.  Many Maltese owners however have found that the eye drops just do not stop the Maltese eye stain.

So what does really work for eye stain and tear stain problems?

For the many maltese dogs in our family we have found that the best solution for our dogs was Angels Eyes.

Angels Eyes is a natural remedy for tear stains in dogs and cats.

Angels Eyes is the remover you may have heard of as the “dog tear stain powder on food treatment.”

Angels Eyes works every time for cleaning maltese tear stains and all other tear stains on all breed of pets that have eye stain (this includes cats too!).

Angels Eyes is the tear stain cleanser dogs actually like!

It eliminates unsightly eye stains from the inside out.

Where other treatments work by removing the stain only temporarily (using external powders and solutions) Angels Eyes Stain Remover works by actually preventing the eye stain from starting in the first place.

It is very simple to use. All you need to do with this Angels Eyes is to sprinkle it each day on to your pet’s regular food.  It usually takes about 3-5 weeks before you begin to see results.

Over time you start to reduce the amount of Angels Eyes that you give your pet each day.

After three months you reduce the amount from 7 times to 4 times a week and then after six months you just add Angels Eyes to their food twice a week.

Angels Eyes really is that simple to use and will cause a lot less upset for your pet than many of the external or topical stain remover applications.

Keep in mind, you will want to trim the stained hair as it grows out and the new hair will grow in clean and white.

With our Maltese, Angels Eyes has made a huge difference in our Maltese eye stain problems.

Our dogs have reduced their eye stain and they look better and feel better too.

Check it out – it may be just what your pet needs to solve their eye stain problems.

Angels Eyes has been a big hit for our dog loving family when it comes to Maltese Eye Stain

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