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Dog Tear Stains – How to Help Your Pet Get a Beautiful Clean Face!

I love my dog. I’m surely not the first person to be 100% devoted to my puppy. He’s my adorable little furball!

Not long after he moved in with us, he got very stinky and gooey around his eyes and he developed tear stains.  At first, I thought that the stink and the tear stains were just part of being a dog owner.

I tried and tried to get rid of the Tear Stains on my white dog

Before I discovered what really works…. I would sit down with my dog on my lap every morning. I would take a warm wet cloth and tediously, carefully clean under his eyes.

Harley has such a furry face that there was sometimes a lot of hair and debris to clean up each morning. It got pretty nasty sometimes. Yet no matter how often I cleaned his little face, those rust colored tear stains never really went away.

I tried SO many other recommended tear stain remedies that did NOT work

I tried:

  • trimming the hair around his eyes
  • giving him special drinking water (not tap water)
  • changing his diet numerous times
  • adding Tums or calcium tablets to his food
  • and many other so called tear stain cures

I got pretty frustrated and so did our little maltese!

I mentioned my stinky, tear stained dog to a friend. My friend has perfectly white Maltese dogs. They’re beautiful. And they don’t have rust stains. She told me about Angels Eyes Tear Stain Remover.

She showed me the results I could get if I gave Harley some Angels Eyes. See for yourself below!

What kind of results to pets get after using Angels Eyes?

I’m Super Cautious About What I Give My Pet   I like to fuel my own body with healthy whole foods and I don’t like to take medications or unnecessary supplements.

I take care of my dog the same way. He doesn’t get “junk food,” nor do I like to give him superfluous supplements and vaccinations.

I’m super cautious. So when I heard about Angels Eyes I was skeptical.

But after reading the ingredients and after talking to my vet, I got the thumbs up from him and I decided to give it a try.

Angels Eyes comes in beef liver flavor, chicken liver flavor and Sweet Potato (vegetarian) flavor. My Harley loves the chicken flavor.

How do you use Angels Eyes?

All you do is sprinkle the treatment on your dog’s food once  a day. It is super simple!

What Causes Those Tear Stains?

Some dog breeds seem to produce more tears than others. They simply have a genetic predisposition and facial bone structure that leads to having more tears. That overflow of tears combined with pigments from iron and magnesium in the tears causes stains on your dog’s lovely face.

Some dogs get tear stains due to dyes in their food. If you’ve changed your dog’s food and are feeding them a healthy diet, but they still have stains, then there may be other issues or conditions at work here.

Angels Eyes works in two ways to prevent staining.

  1. The first way is by preventing bacterial infection caused by red yeast – a condition known as Ptyrosporin. It causes excess tearing and staining.
  2. The second is by binding with the pigments in your dog’s tears to prevent them from binding or adhering to your dog’s hair.

I love Angels’ Eyes. It has done wonders for my Harley.  We can snuggle more comfortably – he doesn’t have that weird stink caused by too many tears. And he doesn’t have the staining any longer either. :)

If your beloved pet has tear staining, order Angels Eyes for a simple and safe solution.

Here are just a few of the comments I receive every day from happy customers:

  • We’re so thrilled with the results!
  • No more stinky stains! Yay!
  • Can’t believe it works this fast!
  • I wish I had taken a picture of the horrible stain
    that was around her eyes….because now it’s as if
    the stain was never there.
  • Finally….A tear stain solution that really works! Thanks!

Read customer reviews and  feedback and learn how you can get the same awesome results!

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