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Tear Stain Remover Solutions for your Precious Pet

Is your pet troubled with Eye Stain or Tear Stain?

We can help you remove eye stain or red tear discharge from your maltese dogs and many other breeds of dogs and cats.

Does your pet’s face look like this? Is your pet’s fur stained with Eye Discharge?

We have many maltese dogs in our family and for many years we did not know how to help our maltese have clean faces!

We tried so many tear stain remedies that did not work.

We tried….

-trimming the hair around their eyes

-giving them special drinking water (not tap water)

-changing their diet

-adding Tums or calcium tablets to their food

-and many other so called tear stain cures.

We got pretty frustrated and so did our maltese!

However, all of our testing paid off and we now use a couple different solutions that help us keep our pet’s faces clean and beautiful.

After trying many techniques and solutions we now have fresh white faces on our maltese and no more yucky maltese eye stain!

There are two types of tear stain removers:

1) Topical Treatments that you apply to the “outside” of your pet (i.e., applying a topical solution to the tear stained area). These take a little bit of time and work to apply.

2) Internal Treatments that you add to your pet’s food or water. An internal treatment works from the inside of your pet to stop the source of the tear staining problem. Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to remove eye stains!

If you are looking for the easiest way to treat eye stain then you will want to look at Angels Eyes. It just works so well. Our customers rave about their results with Angels Eyes! Read all the feedback from customers along the column to your right  >>>>>

Angels Eyes is hands down the EASIEST way to treat your pet’s tear stains – we love it and you and your pet will too!

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