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White Dog Tear Stain Remover – The Best Solution I Have Found

When you have a white dog and your dog battles tear stains – it makes their faces look yukky like this picture.

It took some trial and error but I finally found the best white dog tear stain remover that works for my Maltese.

Below I will share a few tips that have been recommended to me over the years and finally I will share the one easy fool proof and safe method that has worked for all 5 of my Maltese to give them beautiful clean white faces.

Tip 1 -

It helps to keep the hair out of your Maltese dog’s eyes because hair in the eyes can increase eye irritation and cause your dog’s eyes to water and drain. Many

Maltese owners accomplish this by putting the hair around the eyes into a pony tail top knot above the head – kind of cute for those of you that like that.

You can also trim the hair around the eyes but for those of you that have an unsteady hand or your Maltese is a bit jumpy or skittish I don’t recommend that you do the trimming yourself or you may cause an injury.

Tip 2 -

I hesitate to even share this tip because I do NOT recommend that you do this.

However it is important for you to be aware of this method that some Maltese owners use.

Some people use bleach products applied to the hair around the eyes to get rid of these stains but this method can actually be extremely harmful to your dog.

In fact it can not only hurt your dog, it may well lead to further staining around the eye area.

Tip 3 -

This is my favorite way to battle maltese eye and WIN.

I add Angels Eyes to my Maltese’s food and it keeps all 5 of my Maltese dog’s faces clean, dry and brilliantly white.

Angels Eyes works very fast – usually within 2-4 weeks my Maltese have gone from tear stained wet ugly faces to clean dry and white faces.

So for me I have found the best way to fight those ugly eye stains.

Angels Eyes is such a simple solution that works for me and my Maltese!

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